absolute beauty

What can I say about beauty? It’s beautiful, that’s for sure. It’s not always good to be beautyful. For example, If you are held hostage and the kidnappers decide to kill the most beautiful person. Yeah, you would want to be ugly. But all that is just the exterior. They say real beauty comes from within.

For this post I was asked to agree or disagree with statement that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Yes, I agree with this statement. If it weren’t for my eyes, I would never noticed the beautiful people around me and would always be looking for something more. Perhaps my search would never end. Maybe I would discover all of this just moment before dying. This would surely saddened me.

So, if I say you are beautiful, don’t hold it against me. Accept compliment with a smile. You know you are even more gorgeous when you smile.

My contribution to the daily post.